Laminate Flooring — Resilient, Convenient, Cost-Effective

When it comes to flooring your home, you have a lot of choices. But what if you want something that is easy to install, is resistant to staining and damage, comes in a variety of colours, and is affordable?

The answer is laminate flooring, an imitation timber that ticks all the boxes. At Central West Floors, you can choose from a wide array of laminate styles across our Woodlands Laminate, Eligna Laminate, and Laminate Collection ranges.

Laminate flooring continues to grow in popularity in Australia, and here’s why:

Flooring can be an expensive part of interior design. But because laminate is made from resins and composite wood, it is an affordable alternative that looks stylish in any home or business. The materials themselves are cheaper, and the installation of laminate flooring can cost approximately half as much as hardwood installation.

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles, patterns and colours, imitating timber grains and hues. You could choose from natural Australian species, or branch out with unique timbers in an assortment of plank widths. Like timber, laminate comes in one-strip, two-strip, and three-strip styles. That means there is a choice to suit any design palette.

Laminate is made by using heat and pressure to combine four layers of material. The top layer is scratch, stain and wear resistant, making it hardy enough to endure high-traffic area, pets, and children. The design layer of laminate contains the pattern, while the bottom layer and high density core repels moisture. All of this creates a hardwearing option, which is easy to install and easy to clean.

Another advantage is that laminate flooring often has UV protection integrated into its top layer, making it durable and resistant to fading in even the sunniest of rooms.

Your laminate choices include over forty different colours and styles, extra long planks, extra wide planks, and much more — everything you need to create a strikingly beautiful change! Our transparent overlay makes laminate resistant to stains, scratches, burns, household chemicals, and general impact. Plus, the boards offer click-together installation — a quick and easy procedure.

Does laminate flooring sound right for your home or business? We would be happy to discuss your needs and help you find the perfect option to suit your space.